St. Dalfour French Fruit Preserve

They are the best we had! We first tasted the jam this during a lunch at Marriott’s Terrace in Paris. We were served Four Fruits flavor and although I am always a little wary of anything sweet and sticky, I spread it on a the complimentary fresh bread and ooh what a delight! Theere were chunky pieces of fruits and not too sugary.

St.Dalfour Conserves contain 60% fruit & 40% concentrated fruit juice, which provide natural sweetness & a taste that is far freasher and much more delicious than the dull heavy taste of ordinary sugar syrup.

Two months ago, I saw them sold at Geant in IBN Batuta (really, this supremarket is brimming with all things European) and I took a bottle of Wild Blueberry. Hubby devoured it all beefore I can spread them over my cheesecake recipe.

They went on sale last week and I bought all seven flavors available: Red Raspberry, Blackberry, Black Raspberry, Orange Marmalade, Black Currant, Thick Apricot, and Black Cherries. These jams are made to a traditional French recipe using grape juice rather than sugar and therefore have a high fruit content and avoid excessive sugar crash. They are a healthy choice for diabetics and those on low GI diet.


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  1. peachy says:

    I’ll ask hubby to buy me a bottle when he comes home in May. I don’t think meron nyan dito…

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